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Pre-Launch of The Book of Denim Vol. 2.

Recap on last week’s pre-launch of the Book of Denim Vol. 2. The Book of Denim volume two hosted a pre-launch part after Kingpins Transformers during which visitors could get a sneak peek of the special series of 10 books from the Royal Indigo Series ahead of its launch in June.

Book of Denim is published once every 2 years out of Amsterdam. It focuses specifically on ‘the world of denim’. Ranging from cultural developments predominantly in cities (trends) to manufacturing. Denim is a fabric, jeans are a product, but denim is also a cultural construct. In that sense it’s unique.

In case you missed the pre-launch, the Book of Denim Vol. 2 will be launched officially in June 2018. For more information click here.

Photo by Sascha Luna Esmail
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