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Growth the HTNK way

Growth, the HTNK way, is a holistic approach to value creation and increasing revenue streams. With over 150 years combined experience in fashion design, development, manufacturing, distribution and sales, we have a deep insight into the past, present and future of the industry. Our network is unrivaled and global. And we go far beyond consulting. We initiate. We participate. From the co-foundership of House of Denim and Jean School - the first denim education in the world - to the globally featured city transformation project Red Light Fashion Amsterdam. 

We have been matchmakers in fashion since 1997. Our insider knowledge enables us to create complex chains of value for a variety of clients. From start ups to established businesses, from policy makers to VC’s. Add a large dose of passion, and the result is ‘a holistic approach to growth’. Growth that lasts, driven by sustainable relationships. This is growth the HTNK way. 

Growth the HTNK way