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Matchmakers at heart, growth specialists by nature 

Recruitment has changed. With digital job platforms, anybody can collect candidates. But you want the right candidate, the best team. A match. You need synergy. You need talent acquisition and -management. We operate as strategic matchmakers with an entrepreneurial mindset. While working in strict confidentiality, our combined experience brings deep insight into the industry and the skills required for a given team. We see beyond job descriptions, resumés and titles, functioning as sparring partners for both the candidate as well as the client. At HTNK International, we pride ourselves on being both fast as well as meticulous. With our proprietary candidate mapping method, we offer structure in the search. With our appreciation of true talent, we put the heart back into recruitment.

It is no coincidence HTNK is the sole or preferred agency for many of our clients.


You have a vacancy. We meet either by phone or video call or face-to-face at your office. In this meeting we aim to develop a deeper understanding of the vacancy as well as of company structure and culture.
We send you our framework agreement and terms of conditions. After signing, the search starts.
We cater to a continuously growing and curated database with over 30,000 professionals worldwide, to ensure we include the best candidates within our selection.
We will have conducted an extensive screening of applications before your selection is presented in a shortlist of the best talent, which includes a CV and our personal assessment for each candidate. This shortlist is accompanied by a ‘candidate map’. Candidate mapping is HTNK’s proprietary method to visualize the results of our search. It’s an intuitive representation of a complex outcome. Not one candidate is the same. With our candidate map, clients have an instant overview of a selected candidate’s expertise.
After you’ve selected the candidates you want to meet based on the shortlist, candidate map and an additional call, our consultant arranges the face-to-face interviews, either at your office, our office, another location or via video call.
During the interview and evaluation process, HTNK acts as an intermediary. Feedback from both potential employer and employee is shared by us to both parties involved. Timely feedback loops are essential for success. Our general guideline is to share feedback within 5 working days.
When you’ve found your match we contact the candidate. We assist in the hiring process if required.
After a hire, we check in with both client and candidate on a regular basis, in order to ensure a great fit stays true to size.
HTNK For Companies