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Kingpins Transformers, Women in the Indigo Universe

Kingpins Transformers is a bi-annual summit where stakeholders in denim (industry, government and education) are invited to listen, discuss and learn.This edition will be fueled by female energy and will feature women speakers who operate in managerial positions in different parts of the denim supply chain. From cotton growing to marketing, from denim mill/weaving to laundry, from trend to brand these women will share their personal stories. To sustain and to grow is the mission for every professional in a management position. What can all of us, men as well as women learn from some of the best women in the business? How do they see the future of denim? Transformers, Women in the Indigo Universe, is curated and moderated by Andrew Olah & Mariette Hoitink.

Alice Tonello - Marketing & R&D Manager, Tonello sri, Italy
Amy Wang - Board Director & General Manager, Advance Denim Co. Ltd., China
Sedef Uncu Aki - R&D, Planning & Operations Director, Orta Anadolu, Turkey
Tricia Carey - Director Global Business Development, Denim Lenzing Fibers, USA
Daniela Della Rosa - Director, Founder, DDR Law Firm, Italy
Gry Nissen - Creative Design Director/Retail Brainer/Brand Development, Denmark
Thecla Schaeffer - Chief Marketing Officer, G-Star RAW, The Netherlands
Amy Leverton - Denim Trend Forecaster + Consultant, USA
Sabine Kuhnl - Editor-in-Chief, Sportswear International, Germany
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