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HTNK supports MOAM for HEMA

“By combining the high fashion and quality standards of MOAM with the extraordinary simplicity of HEMA, we developed a fantastic collection. A collection that is accessible and likable for young fashionista’s, your mother and neighbours, for a true HEMA price. And that was exactly our goal!” Says Martijn Nekoui, initiator and founder of MOAM.

MOAM is a platform founded by Martijn Nekoui, initiated out of the idea of transpassing knowledge from well-known and established fashion professionals to the new generation of fashion graduates by creating collaborations.

HTNK supports MOAM. By supporting MOAM, HTNK invests in the talent of fashion’s new generation. MOAM has been given guidance and advice by HTNK’s founder and managing director Mariette Hoitink to lead the collaborations to great success.

It’s the first time in the 90 years of their existence HEMA collaborated with young designers. HEMA being an international retail organisation, with more than 650 stores in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Germany, still has the title of ‘Truly Dutch’. With the mission of making daily life easier and more fun, with a price that is accessible for all, HEMA has always strived to be ‘The store’ for all you daily needs. Products and fashion offered in only the HEMA brand the retail organisation is able to keep the prices low, all with the distinctive HEMA design. The collaboration between MOAM and HEMA is therefore unique.

The design collective by MOAM for HEMA is constituted and coached by Martijn Nekoui, and consists out of fashion graduates Dewi Bekker, Sanne Faber, Julie de Ruijter and Tess van Zalinge. With weekly coaching and tutoring from renowned fashion professionals Frans Ankoné (Avenue, Vogue), Peter Leferink (head design AMFI), Mariette Hoitink (HTNK, Jeans School), Frans Molenaar, Claes Iversen, Jildou van der Bijl (editor in chief LINDA Magazine) and Lebele van der Meulen (creative director LINDA Magazine) the young designers have been given insides and guidance from different angles in the fashion industry.


The collection made by MOAM for HEMA is created as the perfect basics for every wardrobe; timeless items with a clean and nonchalant look, unique by their details, extraordinary linear patterns and fine fabrics. It’s a collection with a familiar and comfortable feel. Consisting out of 20 pieces that can be worn in over 160 combinations, designed truly for the Dutch consumers.
 The collection is available from 29 September in more than 200 stores throughout The Netherlands. 

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