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HTNK StoryStore and press meeting at Modefabriek July 2013

HTNK hosted the Story Store at the Modefabriek Blueprint area, a platform featuring the next generation of cutting edge brands and products. Participating brands all have an inspiring story to tell. Modefabriek visitors were welcome to drop by our store to meet the entrepreneurs behind the brands and shop for tokens of their stories.

Modefabriek & HTNK joined forces in a press meeting at the Modefabriek Denim Stage, with a denim trend presentation by Samual Trotman of StyleSight, and an introduction to young denim brands Olaf Hussein and Mick Keus.  

Participants of this edition:
Olaf Hussein
- Olaf Hussein is a young Amsterdam-based denim label
Mick Keus
– timeless classic jeans with a new contemporary fit
Cil Laurens – feminine illustrations on wood
The Boyscouts – accessory label combining urban with outdoor elements
Bureau Jacky - allround concept agency
Judith van den Hoek – talented fashion illustrator
Benzak Denim Developers - pure denim products and functional design
Laura Andalou – other-worldly photographs by a true dreamer
Ven&Vogel – unique cowhide shoes
Flybird -  contemporary designs, handmade art and one-of-a kind works
Kurt. – high-end men’s wear with signature leather pieces
Ontfront -  designer menswear label & store
Daily Paper - Amsterdam based street-couture label
Incase - products to protect and enhance the technology that is essential to our lives
Sotine – high end cutting edge jewellery
Filling Pieces – sneakers that form are the filling piece in a gap; the gap between Haute Couture and Street Couture
Di Zabbia – limoncello


For more info on the HTNK Story Store contact

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