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Breakfast Summit House of Denim 2018

In March 2013, our late mayor, Mr Eberhard van der Laan, hosted an event at his residence that has since been called 'The Breakfast Summit', to which he invited leaders from the various Amsterdam denim brands and key stakeholders from government and education. During this unique and directional multi-brand discussion, we agreed to a number of shared goals & objectives.
On behalf of all the brands present, House of Denim took up the challenge to realise three shared priorities: to develop English-spoken denim education (both vocational and on-the-job); to set up a denim innovation campus with its own laundry lab and to organise a globally leading & acknowledged trade event in Amsterdam.
Together with our international partners, we are proud to announce that all three goals have been achieved. Amsterdam has become a platform for discussion about a cleaner, smarter denim industry. 
However, there is still a lot of work to be done 'towards a brighter blue'. Therefore, in honour of our late visionary mayor and to celebrate our shared progress so far, House of Denim organised a second 'Breakfast Summit', coinciding with Kingpins Amsterdam, to which key Amsterdam AND international industry stakeholders were invited.
Together with Amsterdam's leading brands, key co-founders and partners, and supervised by the House of Denim international advisory board, - once again – priorities were discussed and a number of concrete goals for the years ahead were set. 
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