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AFW Fashion Talk with Marlou Breuls & Sjaak Hullekes

On March 8, Amsterdam Fashionweek & HTNK host a talk in Park Plaza Victoria Hotel during Amsterdam Fashion Week. Mariette Hoitink will sit down with Marlou Breuls and Sjaak Hullekes to talk about their focus in fashion, craftsmenship, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Marlou Breuls won the publics favorite award of Lichting 2016. Two years later she shows her new collection at Amsterdam Fashion Week, inspired by SpongeBob’s 20 year anniversary. Sjaak Hullekes is back again! At Amsterdam Fashion Week he will show his new label Hul le Kes, which revolves around the inspiration of garments. Hullekes uses stock fabrics and antique materials to showcase his new vision on fashion, sustainability and craftsmenship.

When? The 8th of March, 7 pm. Where? Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam hotel.
Rsvp: We’ve got a very limited amount of seats, so be quick.
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