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Blue is The New Black

This book demystifies the process of how to make a fashion collection accessible for all levels. It’s a an A to Z of the whole fashion process of design, production and marketing. A reference guide, a buddy, a bible of who, what and where...

Blue is The New Black is practical, detailed, full of examples, anecdotes from the practice of the author, illustrations, and a insert foldout Key Dates Calendar with the steps and deadlines from the start of development to the end of production of a collection.

Blue is the New Black is written for people who want to know what a range plan is, how you deal with factories, how you review a prototype and for everyone who needs to know the steps that are needed to turn a designer’s sketch into a piece of garment. Must-read for design students, professionals and fashion entrepreneurs.

Mariette Hoitink was sparring partner and proofreader for the book, HTNK organized workshops for designers & emerging labels.

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