HTNK For Candidates

We love people, especially the talented ones. 

HTNK offers bespoke recruitment and qualitative job-searching based on behind-the-scenes expertise in  your industry. At HTNK, we know our candidates, their past experiences and goals for the future. Our clients rely on us to find the missing piece of their puzzle, to  create synergy between future employer and employee. Without this, magic cannot happen. We are matchmakers at heart and growth specialists by nature.


Register at our candidate portal and create a profile by completing our check-in form, uploading your CV and condensed portfolio (if applicable). Once completed your information becomes available to us for review. Your information is at all times strictly confidential.
your CV and respond within 5 working days if we see a possible match.
With a possible match, we get in touch by email with a set of additional questions. If there’s no match, we will offer you to keep your data on file in order to inform you when future opportunities occur. We offer one-on-one consultancy if you need assistance with your CV and portfolio in order to be prepared as well as possible for future vacancies, and workshops to develop your skills.

We’ve arrived at the next level. We think you are potentially a match with the job offered and we schedule an intake interview with you, either by phone or video call. In this interview we take a closer look at your CV and portfolio and focus on getting to know you better based on both hard and soft skills.
We stay in touch with you during each step of the process. Whether it is introducing you to a potential client, preparing you for interviews, giving feedback or answering any question you might have related to the job offer.
You are either hired or not. We will let you know.
You’re hired? We check in on a regular basis, in order to ensure a great fit stays true to size. Regarding if you’re hired or not, it’s recommended to keep us updated on any changes in career or contact details, You can do this through your personal profile page within our platform, which is always accessible via your personal login.
HTNK For Candidates