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WORK IT! at Modefabriek






Modefabriek is the Netherland’s one and only fashion tradeshow. With approximately 20,000 expected visitors this upcoming January edition, it’s without a doubt one of the best local tradeshows in Europe. HTNK was asked by Modefabriek to create the experience space ‘Work It’. ‘Work It’ is a 2-day platform about the future of jobs and the jobs of the future.


The future of jobs and the jobs of the future

WORK IT! features some of the best professionals in the field who share insights with you from their daily work experience. No stage presentations, but TED style talks presented at our XL sized kitchen table. Expect peer to peer conversations in an informal context and one on one cabin sessions with our recruitment consultants.

Crossing borders, uniting worlds: New requirements for professionals

Organizations are changing rapidly. Digital opens up one of the most promising frontiers for growth for brands. No brand can do without its own retail nowadays. Branding and retailing (offline as well as online) have become one. Merging these three with content (marketing) is today. CSR needs to become part of the DNA of an organization, since the supply chain will become transparent due to increasing regulation and consumer demand. Designers have increasingly become product developers. And so on.

New job profiles and demand for professionals with new skill sets have exploded.

What does that mean for organizational structures? What does this mean for a workforce? For your company? What does it mean for your job? At WORK IT! You will find the answers.

What skills do organizations of today and tomorrow need? Being able to truly think, act and manage cross-disciplinary will become a key asset for many professionals to be successful.

Being able to source and nurture exactly this talent is the key to success for companies.


How to go global, how to become future proof?

Access to the global arena has never been as easy. Competition has never been as fierce. Building the best teams is what it’s all about. HTNK understands this reality and helps companies in becoming future proof by providing the best people for the job of today and tomorrow.


HTNK: Believing in growth. Believing in sharing

At HTNK we believe that GROWING can only be done by SHARING. At WORK IT! we share some of the best professionals in our database with YOU.

You are hereby invited.


When: January 24th and 25th
Where: Modefabriek, RAI, District D,
More information:

Our recruitment consultants will welcome you all day, 
speakers are scheduled at 11.30, 13.30 & 15.30.  

Sunday 24th of Jan

11.30 hr Enrico Forin, development & marketing manager

13.30 hr Maarten Wentholt, supply chain & product development consultant

15.30 hr Alexandra Frida, independent label


Monday 25th of Jan

11.30 hr Pauline Barendregt, strategic design consultant

13.30 hr Nicolette Meijer, general manager X BANK

15.30 hr Peter van Rhoon, SuperStories


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