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Wool Week Amsterdam by Campaign for Wool

The Tweed suit by Chanel, the pea coat, the Dutch fishermen gansey or the “Nieuw Leids Laken” of Museum De Lakenhal, wool has felt at home in the Netherlands for centuries. To highlight the unique benefits of wool from November 3rd until 9th the third Wool Week Amsterdam will take place. The theme this year is the history of wool in general and in the Netherlands specific.

The exhibition gives an over view of iconic, sometimes typical Dutch wool items from the past linked to innovative ideas of contemporary Dutch designers, such as Claes Iversen, Bas Kosters and Sjaak Hullekes. During the week other events will take place such as the showing of the latest collection by fashion designer Nanna van Blaaderen at department store De Bijenkorf in the Hague and a special Wool Pop Up Store with the wool cuddly toy Oliver the Merino Ram by Anne –Claire Petit. - See more
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