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When I started thinking about the last newsletter of 2018 I was planning to write about the journey so far of HTNK, which started 21 years ago today. About all the unique companies, projects, people we have met, the things we love and shared along the way. 
Time goes by so quickly and although 21 years seem a long time, I still feel the passion and spirit of a start up every day. With the fashion industry in a huge flux, old business models are changing to become digitally savvy, a global demand for transparency and social responsibility, companies who have to step up to a new era of people working for them, who want to add value to the world with a clear purpose. 
At the same time I looked at my team of totally dedicated women and asked what they liked about their job, why they are in it, how they see the world (changing) and what makes them tick. 
I must honestly say that I was deeply touched by the thoughts they shared and the energy they put in. Sometimes you don’t realise how much value surrounds you. 
No need for words from my side, just read how this unique group of versatile women describe their daily life, their WTF moments, their goals, their (team) spirit and the perks of the trade, and they are there for you - It makes me humble and proud at the same time. 
I would suggest to everyone who reads this letter to look within and answer the question – ‘why do you love what you do?’ and if you can’t, then contact us. We are here; we can help you shape the future, whether it’s you as a person or your company. We are in it, for the long run. 
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