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Stay part of the HTNK global network of fashion professionals

You’ re part of the global HTNK network of fashion professionals. 
Being in personal (data) business for over 20 years, we know it’s a strictly confidential one by nature. We have always safeguarded and treated your personal details with the utmost care and continue to do so. Privacy is our core.
Due to the GDPR regulations we need your consent to be able to stay in touch and continue to provide you with our best services in recruitment, consultancy, coaching, workshops, events & other activities.

To stay in touch, please click on the link below. This leads to your personal environment in which you can always view, alter or delete your details.

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Please note that if you do not confirm via this link, we will not be able to contact you for any of our services and activities in the future.Questions? Simply shoot us an email or have a look at our privacy policy.

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