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HTNK organises international portfolio-checks & intakes, as we are always on the look for the best new upcoming talents & portfolio’s, interesting designers, entrepeneurs and trendforecasters.

This time, our senior recruiter Susanne visited fashion capital Paris to explore new initiatives, conferences and to link the right people to the right companies.

She visited Atelier Néerlandais, an interesting creative new hotspot, initiated  by the Dutch embassy in Paris. 

This beautiful workspace provides Dutch creative entrepeneurs the opportunity to develop their business, meet their clients, present & expose their work.

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Next step was the Fashion Conference which hosted several interesting international speakers, like  Yuniya Kawamura, author of the well known book "Fashion-ology "

Yuniya talked about her new book " Sneakers Fashion, Gender & Subculture" which will be released November 2015, a MUST HAVE for all sneaker fans!

The icing on the cake was her meeting with Nelli Rodi and her staff at their beautiful office located in the heart of Paris.

30 years (and counting) of Nelli Rodi agency,  still innovative and inspiring this no.1  trendforecasting agency.

Our next stop will be Copenhagen: Portfolio Training with HTNK recruiter Iris on the 10th & 11th of June.

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