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opening Urban Art House


HTNK is partner of Urban Art House

Will you be joining us to the opening of Urban Art House?

Urban Art House Presents: “Nothing On The Walls”Urban Art House is transforming a 17th century canal house in Amsterdam into a contemporary & urban art show.

This traditional environment is the ideal spot to showcase modern art in an innovative and engaging way. The entire space will be designed and furnished in such a way that’s inviting to the audience by mixing old and new styles, combining and creating different style rooms with their own identity.

Opening party: Friday 1st March 2013
Time: 17.30 - 21.30

Show open to public:
March 2 -24, 2013
Wed - Sun 12.00 - 18.00

Showcasing artists:
PEETA (IT), Copyright (UK), Paco Raphael (NL), SNIK (UK), Fabiano Millani (BR), Geeert (NL), Prefab77 (UK), Bull-out (FR), Brendan de Clercq (NL), Jimmie James (USA), Kemp (IE), Telmomiel (NL) and many more.

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