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International Apparel Federation 2014

This week Mariette Hoitink, CEO of HTNK & Co-founder House of Denim, spoke at the 30th IAF World Fashion convention. She presented ‘House of Denim as an example a hub/cluster for the worldwide denim industry’ together with ‘the Godfather of denim’ Adriano Goldschmied, founder and Creative Director GoldSign, who shared his insights on ‘Innovation & Future of Denim’.

The IAF (International Apparel Federation) is the international organization that seeks to develop business contacts to promote the exchange of knowledge and dialogue among stakeholders, businesses and people of the Fashion System, Textile and Apparel sector. The Federation currently has members from nearly 60 countries representing more than 200,000 companies.

The IAF aims to improve business practices, promote the international image of the textile and apparel sector and the use of technology within the sector. Also to promote innovation and creativity, to strengthen the textile trade around the world and with that the welfare and progress of communities through the positive impact of the business sector in their environment.

For the last 30 years IAF has produced the World Fashion Convention as a meeting of the entrepreneurs of the Fashion System from all over the world. The convention focuses on the fashion business, including branding, marketing and management of the supply chain.

This edition, the content has been framed under the theme ‘Understanding the Challenges of the Fashion Business’, based on the fact that the Fashion System today changes much faster than a decade ago, which is why we must learn to understand and adapt to the challenges facing us today. Challenges that will be spoken off are:

Leadership, Competitiveness: the relationship between Latin America and the rest of the world, Innovation: new proposals, Co- Creation, Creativity: who is breaking paradigms? New consumer generations & lifestyles, Multi-channelling, Cooperation in the value chain, Major Latin American markets, Expansion: a look outwards, Fashion and music: the fashion business and its close relationship with other industries.


Next to our core business as matchmaker, mediator, initiator, stimulator, advisor and connector HTNK has grown -seemingly by chance – into the only recruitment & consultancy agency in Europe to specialize in denim. Besides her various roles for HTNK, Mariette is the Co-founder of the House of Denim foundation that strives towards a ‘brighter, more sustainable blue’ for the denim industry.

This 30th AIF Convention HTNK’s Mariette Hoitink presented ‘House of Denim as an example a hub/cluster for the worldwide denim industry’ together with Adriano Goldschmied, Founder and Creative Director of GoldSign.  


Adriano Goldschmied is an Italian fashion designer who focuses on denim jeans. He is known as “the Godfather of denim”. His passion and innovation have paved the way for designer denim and have remained unparalleled in a distinguished career spanning over 35 years. Goldschmied took the jean from work wear and made them fashionable, a style of life available to everybody.

The event is held annually on a different continent. In previous years the convention has been hosted by major cities such as Milan, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Washington, Istanbul, San Francisco, Porto and Shanghai among others, with an attendance of more than 200 executives each.

This year this important event took place, in association with Inexmoda, in Medellín, Colombia. From September 29th to October 1st, Medellin had the unique opportunity to show the world the strength of the Latin American Fashion System.

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