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HTNK @ Urban Art House

HTNK hosted the opening party of Urban Art House-Nothing On the Walls.

HTNK presents an installation of designer scarves at the exhibition. Contributing designers are;
-Bas Kosters
-And Beyond
-Marly van Lipzig
-Tom Tosseyn

Urban Art House transformed a 17th century canal house in Amsterdam into a contemporary & urban art show. This traditional environment is the ideal spot to showcase modern art in an innovative and engaging way. The entire space will be designed and furnished in such a way that’s inviting to the audience by mixing old and new styles, combining and creating different style rooms with their own identity.

The exhibition Nothing On The Walls is open to public:

March 2 – March 24, 2013
Wednesday-Sunday 12:00-18:00

More info:
Urban Art House Facebook page
Urban Art House

The Urban Art House was founded by partners Jennifer van Tuyl, Lijne Kreupeling and Ingmar Brenninkmeijer. Their concept is to create an agency capable of supporting creative artists in the realms of commerce and art. The agency represents, brands and markets contemporary urban artists, mixed media artists, photographers, illustrators, fine artists and street artists for assignments, projects, image licensing and showcasing. We offer long term support, marketing and branding services to artists, positioning in the marketplace and promotion through online and offline media, and help to build up their portfolio.

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