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HTNK supports MOAM Collective

MOAM collective is a new initiative by Martijn Nekoui. Eight young design talents combine their vision in a collective collection developed in a coaching trajectory with the establishment of the Dutch fashion industry. MOAM collective collaborates with a unique combination of leading designers, journalists, retailers, stylists, couturiers, editors and other fashion talents.

MOAM collective is the first co-creation collection of a new generation designers supported by the established order.


HTNK supports MoAm Collective

HTNK supports this unique initiative on various levels. First, HTNK's Mariette is on the board of MOAM with Frans Ankone. Our team is also involved by coaching initiator Martijn Nekkoui on topics like concepting, design and PR. Last but not least, HTNK sponsors the initiative with a space for the Atelier at the HTNK HQ.

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