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HTNK Story Store Modefabriek 2014

HTNK hosts the Story Store, a platform featuring the next generation of cutting edge brands and products. Participating brands all have an inspiring story to tell. You are welcome to drop by our store to meet the entrepreneurs behind the brands and shop for tokens of their stories.

HTNK is the one-stop-shop for everyone with ambitions in fashion; professionals looking for challenging job opportunities, companies looking for fashion talent and media and institutes looking for strategic insight in the industry.

A dynamic mix is created of talented designers / labels, amongst who: Oyuki Denim this designer started by making his daughter ‘her own’ Selvedge Jeans. Bobbie Gerrits with his Tattooed Deers, Tulp jeans using only Dutch products, the handcrafted scarves by Indigo People, Lomography with their snapshot photography, sustainable t-shirts by Tees, the gentle mannered men collection of Ontfront, Overload for the jewelry junkie and Fountain of Youth:100% natural cocoswater. 

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