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Denim City
Also on the programme during this edition is the (invite-only) opening of the ‘Denim City’ innovation campus on Thursday 16 April, starting at 17:00 p.m. in the former Amsterdam tram depot ‘De Hallen’, which is also the headquarters of House of Denim. This campus will serve as an important meeting place for denim innovators, with facilities that include a workshop, archive and expertise centre, the sustainable denim laundry ‘Blue Lab’, and the Jean School International Course. Denim City is a collaboration between House of Denim, the Municipality of Amsterdam, and the ROCvA. Denim City will be officially and festively opened by Mayor Eberhard van der Laan, after which this gathering of invitees will make its way to the official Kingpins after-party.  The campus is open to the public during Amsterdam Denim Days on 17 & 18 April.

Amsterdam Denim Days is an initiative of House of Denim created in collaboration with the American Kingpins Show, Modefabriek, HTNK Fashion recruitment & consultancy and the city of Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam Denim Days / Blueprint Communication & PR
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Amsterdam Denim Days / Seminar programme
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