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27 january 2020: Panel Talk at Modefabriek

Disruptive Business Model in a Digital Way – panel talk
Every edition of WORK IT, we invite a panel of industry experts to share their experience and enlighten us on their expertise; what is that they do? How did they get there? What position do they take in the market? How do they grow, or do they have a different goal? And most importantly; what drives them?

This edition we speak with three people paving a digital way in our industry, all in their on way and with their unique experience. We invited;

Iris van Wees;
Iris recently graduated at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute as a 3D virtual fashion designer. She questions the fashion system by making intuitive design experiments with the use of various virtual programs and the technique of Augmented Reality. Her goal is to extend our physical life with digital creations, and introduces the consumer to the future of fashion.’

Kerry Murphy, The Fabricant;
The Fabricant is a digital fashion house leading the fashion industry towards a new sector of digital-only clothing. We specialise in photo-real 3D fashion design and animation. Our work operates at the intersection of fashion and technology, creating digital couture and fashion experiences that are always digital, never physical.

Enid Brun,
Born an athlete, raised a creative entrepreneur and educated broadly – studying at UVA, Central Saint Martins, THNK School of Creative Leadership and Buddhist monasteries across Japan – Enid has become a global leader in brand marketing and communications, and an advocate for gender equality and sustainable consumption. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or an up and comer, Enid has a gift for making brands matter by consistently putting people, planet and culture at the core.

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