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26 & 27 January 2020: WORK IT at Modefabriek

The one-stop-shop to accelerate your professional self. We offer you a varied program, where you can join workshops and a panel discussion. This is your chance to register and join us at Modefabriek! 

We offer you the opportunity to boost your fashion career thanks to free workshops and a panel-talk featuring relevant and fashion forward industry influencers. Our consultants will provide you with tips & tricks to Master Your CV and Create a Portfolio that Works during one-hour workshops to help you unleash your full potential in a professional way. 

Master Your CV
HTNK consultants will teach you everything about creating the best CV reflecting your professional skills. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Master your CV + 10 ultra practical tips for winning job interviews. In this workshop we’ll go from the backbone of a good CV to how to shape your profile towards your individual core competencies. We’ll have a look at your CV and talk about the importance of writing a good motivation letter and presentation so it will truly show your best assets professionally. And how do you fine-tune your CV to line up with a specific job or company? 

Create a portfolio that works
HTNK consultants will give you the best tips and tricks towards creating a portfolio that works for you and your professional career. During this workshop you’ll go through the portfolio in general; what should the structure look like, how do you copy write for a portfolio, what layout works best for your work, etcetera. How to shape your profile towards your individual core competencies? And how do you make a portfolio preview for a specific job or company? 

Master the mind 
Wether it’s a job interview, important meeting or a pitch; we all know that feeling of being nervous, or maybe even insecure. How does that influence your behavior, or the way you portray yourself? How does the mind work? In this workshop by Mette Visser, you will explore ways to end your stressful thoughts and start experiencing joy and inspiration while you present yourself or your work to (possible clients), employers or colleagues. After studying Fashion Design at ArtEZ, Mette Visser worked for over 20 years in the fashion industry. Next to designing collections, she was member of the boardand managed creative teams in several organizations. Mette led her career towards a new direction and now works as a Leadership Coach, where she serves and support leaders in manifesting their potential in order to build inspiring, creative and collaborative organizations.

Disruptive Business Model in a Digital Way – panel talk
Every edition of WORK IT, we invite a panel of industry experts to share their experience and enlighten us on their expertise; what is that they do? How did they get there? What position do they take in the market? How do they grow, or do they have a different goal? And most importantly; what drives them?This edition we speak with three people paving a digital way in our industry, all in their on way and with their unique experience. We invited; Iris van Wees, Enid Brun & Kerry Murphy. Find out more about the panel  here.

Time Schedule 
Sunday 26th of January
11:30 ‘Master Your Cv’ workshop
by Mirjam Choufoer & Jade Johnson of the HTNK team.

13:00 ‘Create A Portfolio That Works’ workshop
by Rubia Heyer  & Claudia Kafoe of the HTNK team.

16:00 Panel discussion on 'a disruptive business model in a digital way'.
hosted by Mariette Hoitink featuring: Iris van Wees, Enid Brun & Kerry Murphy

Monday 27th of January
11:30 ‘Master Your Cv’ workshop
by Mirjam Choufoer &Jade Johnson of the HTNK team.

13:00 ‘Create A Portfolio That Works’ workshop
by Rubia Heyer & Claudia Kafoe of the HTNK team.

16:00 Workshop 'Master the Mind' : How to present yourself?
by METmette (Mette Visser)

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