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2015 is coming to an end. It was a year of change. We suppose you are, just like us, making plans for 2016. At HTNK we pride ourselves to be the only extensively internationally operating fashion recruitment & consultancy agency in the Netherlands. Based in Amsterdam, our network truly is global. Our recruitment consultants operate as strategic matchmakers with an entrepreneurial mindset who make things happen. But HTNK is much more than ‘just a recruitment agency’. From nurturing recently graduated top talent, to building professional teams in order to get clients up and running with unprecedented short lead times, and to boosting new business development. Our recruitment services are confidential by nature. Below you will find some of the activities we initiated lately and which we love to share with you.

CONSULTANCY & MATCH MAKING Wonder fiber Dyneema®: building a super team

DSM Dyneema is the inventor and producer of the world’s strongest fiber Dyneema®. Dyneema® wanted to enter the premium apparel segment. Positioning, branding and lead generation was what it was all about. HTNK delivered consultancy and match making. Communications agency Super Stories created a strategy which resulted in The Dyneema® Project, a program for and with premium brands.

The first results are very promising. For those who have not seen the spectacular video, click here.For those who want to stay in the loop: follow www.facebook/thedyneemaproject, or go to 


Amsterdam Denim Days
After a convincing first edition of Amsterdam Denim Days in 2014, this unique 4-day denim event returned to Amsterdam in April this year. Amsterdam Denim Days is a co-creation between HTNK, Modefabriek, Kingpins Show and House of Denim. We are truly proud to see that something which was nurtured by a few stubborn believers, is here to stay. Amsterdam Denim Days is a b2b platform as well as a consumer festival and, in this sense, truly unique. The upcoming edition (11-17 April 2016) will become bigger and better again with brands and mills from all over the world, seminars and workshops and off course our own curated HTNK store.
Want to be informed on the 2016 edition or want to participate? Please like the Facebook page or e-mail to


Opening Denim City
After more than 6 years of work, Denim City was opened on April 16th by the Mayor of Amsterdam with over 500 industry professionals from all over the world attending. Denim City is the world’s first denim innovation campus. It consists of a workshop, a denim archive with unique pieces, meeting rooms, an education facility and the Blue Lab. Blue Lab is a high tech sustainable laundry innovation center which is used by brands as well as by students. Denim City also is the home of Jean School’s new International Course and House of Denim’s new Head Quarters.

Based in former tram works ‘De Hallen’, currently one of the hottest spots in Amsterdam, Denim City offers office, showroom, training and event facilities. Contact for more information. 


Young gun Martijn Nekoui runs MOAM: Single handedly he created some of the most talked about fashion initiatives in the Netherlands. Though, not completely single handedly. HTNK was arguably the initial believer in MOAM. We took up on coaching Martijn behind the scenes and offered MOAM their first complimentary office space.

In 2015 Martijn presented a MOAM collective collection at the Rijksmuseum, and on December 8th he launched a second collaboration with HEMA. At HTNK we love top talent and we like to put our money where our mouth is.


Kingpins Amsterdam - with some help of HTNK
In 2014, Denim Trade Show Kingpins came -in close collaboration with House of Denim and HTNK- to Amsterdam. HTNK is one of the platform partners for Kingpins, which means that connections between new brands & retailers and Kingpins are facilitated through HTNK.Kingpins Amsterdam has developed rapidly into the best attended Kingpins edition in terms of visiting professionals. The next edition takes place on April 13-14th 2016 during Amsterdam Denim Days.Are you a denim professional and want to visit? Please email to


The 9th edition of Lichting, presented by Mariette Hoitink and supported by V&D, took place on July 10th at Fashion Week Amsterdam. Our very own Dutch fashion debutant ball, founded by HTNK and Fashion Week Nederland, is always one of THE highlights of Amsterdam Fashion Week.The International panel was unanimous about the winner Nikki Duijst and she was awarded with € 10,000 to take her career to the next level. We look forward to the 10th edition of Lichting in 2016. 

Global Denim Awards, a concept developed by HTNK, is a first-of-its-kind runway show and competition. It was founded by HTNK, House of Denim and Kingpins Show. During the second edition of Global Denim Awards – an event made possible by e3 – a jury of international denim experts selected Sartoria Diletto and Italian mill Candiani Denim as the winning collaboration for this year’s Best Collection. The designer was granted a prize of €10,000.

Over 750 denim professionals from around the globe were present at the show, where eight pair-ups of emerging designers and premier denim mills presented capsule collections at the Zuiveringshal of the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. Denim mill Berto Industria Tessile (Italy) won the honorary Best Fabric award, as a recognition for its innovative denim fabrics. Global Denim Awards is a collaboration between talent and industry resulting in a directional platform for the future of denim design, innovation, sustainability and craftsmanship.

UNIVERSITY MEETS INDUSTRY Denim on stage at Denim City

On October 30th, the first of its kind conference ‘University meets Industry’ was hosted by House of Denim, HTNK and Erasmus University. We invited our network, resulting in a sold out event with the best of the business attending. We also took care of the roster for speakers from the industry.

Amongst them: the godfather of jeans; Adriano Goldschmied, the Kingpins founder; Andrew Olah, CMO at G-Star RAW; Thecla Schaeffer, Mr Hisao Manabe of Japan Blue, Simon Guiliani of Candiani and trend forecaster and writer of the best selling book on denim style Denim Dudes; Amy Leverton.

RECRUITMENT Presenting HTNK in Japan

We pride ourselves on our global scope. But it’s not everyday that we are presenting in Japan. HTNK’s senior recruitment consultant Susanne Vegter was invited by the Department of Fashion Master Studies of the University of Kyoto to share our perspective on the role of intermediaries in the fashion industry with HTNK being an example.

TEAM HTNK New faces

Last but not least, we welcome two team members to the HTNK family. Rose Cameron ( has a legal background and worked in recruitment as e-recruiter. She teams up with Aletta Kater (, former recruitment manager at G-Star RAW and Talent Acquisition and merchandise manager at Nike who now operates within HTNK as our Senior Recruitment Consultant for Buying | Product | Digital | Marketing | Sales | Executive level
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