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Red Light Fashion

High-level fashion design in the Red Light district: the combination is a magnet for the international press. From Australia to the United States and Japan, articles appear all over the world about this intriguing mix in the historic area of Amsterdam. Dutch couture could be admired next doors to the well-known girls of pleasure. The Red Light district had also become an international hotspot for design tourists. The RedLight Fashion Amsterdam projects took the former HTNK project called Turning Talent Into Business one step further.

When the City of Amsterdam and housing corporation NV Stadsgoed decided to loan a part of the window area to the creative industries for a period of one year, HTNK was asked to come up with a creative destination. HTNK made a selection with international ambitions of the most talented Dutch designers of the moment –of whom the larger part was enrolled in the Turning Talent Into Business program.

RedLight Fashion Amsterdam gave an impression of the diversity and the strength of the Dutch fashion identity. From the multidisciplinary Bas Kosters to the glamorous couture designer Jan Taminiau and the design streetwear from Daryl van Wouw: the offerings of RedLight Fashion Amsterdam are extremely varied and therefore also very Dutch. By working, living, exposing and inspiring together, forces were bundled to put Amsterdam on the international fashion map.

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