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Jean School

Education is one of the primary pillars of this initiative. Jean School was established together with ROCvA in 2012 as a full-time, 3 year, MBO4 accredited course. The first class of students is set to graduate in the summer of 2015.
The Jean School attracts top industry experts and brands as guest lecturers, and works closely with industry leaders to offer inspiring projects and challenges. Past project partners include Diesel/Candiani/Martelli, Hilfiger Denim and Denham. Internships are done both here in Amsterdam, as well as at leading companies across the world, from California to Spain, Turkey and Japan.

Jean School International Course
The denim industry is booming, causing a growing global demand for jeans experts with a blue heart. To meet this demand, we have decided to start offering the Jean School International Course, in addition to the Dutch Jean School. Jean School International Course is a special study programme for international students with or without any prior industry-related experience.

Practical assignments, site visits, masterclasses and internships are an important part of the Jean School course. HTNK functions as the liaison between the school and industry, stimulating unique knowledge to be shared with the next generation.

If you can contribute in any way to our projects, come over for some coffee.