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House of Denim

The Amsterdam-based House of Denim Foundation is a platform for craftsmanship, sustainability and innovation in the denim industry. Through the development of education, innovation, enterprise and networking projects, it strives to make the world of jeans dryer, cleaner and smarter. Our motto: Towards a Brighter Blue.

Amsterdam houses a large number of internationally renowned denim brands. Famed for their innovative design, enterprising spirit and creative branding, the Amsterdam-based denim community is recognised as one of the leading ‘scenes’ in the global industry. Realised in a unique international co-creation between brands, educators, government and industry, House of Denim is a big first step to realise further collaborative innovations and a more sustainable future.

We will connect & inspire denim professionals in all the key of our global industry. Join us! Because if you love denim, you already know we have to reinvent it.

If you can contribute in any way to our projects, come over for some coffee.