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House of Denim

Founded by James Veenhoff and his partner-in-crime Mariette Hoitink; the Amsterdam-based House of Denim Foundation is a non-profit collaborative organisation for craftsmanship, sustainability and innovation in the denim industry. The aim of House of Denim: to take the global industry “towards a brighter blue” and make the world dryer, cleaner and smarter by means of education, innovation, enterprise and networking projects. Small team: big impact. The most dedicated lawyer in the industry Margot Span, big boss of Modefabriek Lucel van den Hoeven, CEO Ludo Onnink and an international advisory board with Kingpins owner Andrew Olah, godfather of denim Adriano Goldschmied, Scott Morrison of 3x1 and Mr Manabe of Japan Blue complete the team.

Advocate the Good - Collaborate for the Better - Educate the Best

House of Denim facilitated Kingpins, the denim fabric tradeshow, to come to Amsterdam. The organisation is also founding partner of Jean School, Denim City, Denim Days, Global Denim Awards and several international Indigo Embassy sessions. In the process, it turned Amsterdam into the denim hub of the world.

If you can contribute in any way to our projects, come over for some coffee.