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What: Find the right people

HTNK can introduce you to the right fashion professional for your business. We have over ten year’s experience in creating synergy in the goals of our clients and our candidates.
Over the years we have built up a global database of fashion professionals from every discipline that we continuously maintain and expand. Our highly qualitative selection process enables us to assemble complete teams not only based on qualifications and experiences but also on complementing personalities and working processes.

Why: We like people

Fashion is in our DNA. Our combined track records in the industry enable us to identify the right professional for the job. But this is not where we stop.  We thrive on completing the bigger puzzle by creating complementing teams that take organizations to greater heights.

How: Expertise, Network & Efficiency

Before the start of the recruitment process, we get to know our new clients in order to get a sense of your corporate culture and brand identity. This way we can represent your company towards our candidates and make sure we find your right match.

Our recruitment consultants search in our curated database with more than 30.000 global professionals. In most cases, they instantly know appropriate candidates through our policy of continuous search, selection and interviewing of fashion talent, which allows us to respond quickly and effectively. Our various media outlets will be deployed to widen our search and guarantee we include all the best candidates in our selection. 

To minimize your workload, we’ll provide you with a shortlist of the best candidates, each with a personal assessment from our specialists.

We manage the recruitment process from beginning to the signing of the contract and remain in touch with both candidates and clients after placements.

Who: our clients

Our client list consists of leading international brands, fashion houses, designer labels, major retailers, wholesale organizations and private labels worldwide.

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Not to brag or anything, but we really are the best at matchmaking. You should probably contact us.

what we do

HTNK is the Dutch premier fashion recruitment agency with genuine fashion DNA.
All our consultants have a proven track record across the industry. With this experience we can help the right people find the right job and companies with the right jobs find the right people.
We’re in it because we love people, especially the talented ones.