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The Future of Jobs - Jobs of The Future

HTNK hosts a 2-day platform at the Modefabriek about the jobs of today and tomorrow. The bi-annual platform consists of 4 elements:

Kitchen Table Talks. Meet 4 excelling professionals with first hand experience in seizing the new.
Featuring 5 professionals who excel in their field. They share insights from their daily work experience with you. Informal talks presented at our XL-sized kitchen table. No need to rsvp, just join and listen, we like spontaneous encounters

LinkedIn Portraits by photographer Melody Lieftink courtesy of HTNK
At HTNK we love the no fuzz, clean yet personal portraits of photographer Melody Lieftink. Melody is also present to take the best portrait you’ve ever shared. Free of charge, courtesy of HTNK. First come, first serve.

One on one cabin sessions with our recruitment consultants. This one is for employers as well as for candidates.
We are here for you. Want to meet up with one of our consultants? Are you a candidate and want to discuss a job, or in need of a quick scan of your opportunities on the job market? Anything goes. Are you a company looking for the best talent/professionals either for a commercial or for a creative job? Our full team of consultants is available for you.

Wall of Jobs. Do you return home with a new job?
At our Wall of Jobs you find a selection of more than 50 of the freshest jobs. Many of those have not been posted yet on our website or the web. So be the first to find out about them. How does it work? Stop by. Tear that job off the wall.

HTNK: Believing in growth. Believing in sharing
At HTNK we believe that growing can only be achieved by sharing. At our Modefabriek platform we share some of the best professionals with you.

if you need confetti, just send us a message.