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The infamous bi-annual HTNK Onedayshop is not anymore (closed in 2013). It is however where HTNK’s project thinking started. Onedayshop brought together the cream of Dutch fashion: designer labels, photographers, illustrators, accessories designers, DJs and many more. HTNK initiated this shopping gathering in 2002 to provide fashion start-up’s with an opportunity to sell direct to consumers. Instant cashflow to pay the bills was combined with an opportunity to present themselves to our network of industry influentials and consumers.

What started as twice a year ‘in between our desks at the office store’ grew into a genuine shopping fest at Amsterdam’s Club Trouw and featured a solid selection of over 100 designer labels selling their unique collections and turning talent into business. Juicy detail: Filling Pieces, Daily Paper and Olaf Hussein all started their journeys here.

if you need confetti, just send us a message.