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Designersupport InDesign 2-day workshop

14 hrs training divided over two days

Designersupport offers the best training in the business. With ten years experience of training fashion designers, fashion artwork designers, textile designers, accessories designers and footwear designers, we know which skills you need to learn. We understand the challenge and we realize how busy you already are. That's why is developed.  

After this training you master:
  • CMYK - RGB colors
  • resolution issues
  • Indesign basics like creating a grid, typographic styles, place text and images etc
  • create lay-out for flyers, leaflets, businesscards, advertisements
  • how should a designer / contractor deliver digital art to you
  • how do you deliver publications to the professional printer
  • print publications (booklet) at your office
  • typography background information
  • PDF background information

Level: No Indesign experience needed.

Individual participants get a FREE 12 month membership on 
  • Online ticket support.

Training will be given at the HTNK office in Amsterdam.
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We promise it'll be more fun than school, contact us for more information on our educational programs.