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JustB collaborations

In recent years, JustB collaborated with several Dutch fashion designers; Mada van Gaans, Conny Groenewegen and Claes Iversen. The idea started as HTNK spoke with JustB about a possible involvement with the Turning Talent Into Business project. JustB immediately understood the necessity of passing on knowledge and experience to young fashion entrepreneurs and started thinking about forms of collaboration.

JustB came up with a win-win concept for both parties. Participating designers get the opportunity to learn about all the aspects of the JustB organization for half a year and are invited to the JustB factories in the Far East to monitor production processes and source for producers for their own label. In return, the designer creates a mini collection of six designs; the JustB by... line. 

HTNK selected the participating designers; Mada van Gaans, Conny Groenewegen, and Claes Iversen

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