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Book of Denim

When we heard about the stories of Donmatías and the unknown Moroccon denim industry, we knew these stories had to be told. HTNK made the connection between several underdogs in denim and connected them to CODE magazine.

CODE’s new Book Of Denim gives a directional, professional, and at the same personal perspective on the world of this fascinating fabric. It is dedicated to the science, industry, and poetic beauty of denim. Follow us as we travel to the Colombian mountains, where in the blue town of Donmatías, half a century of denim history has led to the perfect integration of place, people, and production. Head into the desert for a new kind of tradeshow. Find out about the strongest denim in the world today, and discover the denim of tomorrow crafted at Denim City, or dive into the denim industry in Morocco. And much, much more.

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