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Training adobe illustrator flat drawings

At all fashion brands, the designs are created as flat drawings in Adobe Illustrator. These flat (technical) drawings are used to explain the manufacturer. And in most cases they are used for the sales book as well. In this two days training you will learn how to build your drawings. You will also get the artwork and artwork with the artwork designer. 

* Date: November 25
* Price: € 785, - VAT included. 
* You will get 12 months access to Designer Support. nl online tutorials and support 
* Lunch is taking care of
* Level: No experience needed. 
* Location: Zeewolde 

It is possible to book one-to-one personal training.This way you can plan the date to your desire and you will get optimal personal attention. The one-to-one price is € 899,- . In that case send and e-mail to:


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