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Adobe Photoshop junior workshop

02nd of May & 09th of May 2017

classroom training: € 785,29 (incl. BTW) 
one to one training: € 1087,99 (incl. BTW)

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Designersupport offers the best training in the business. With ten years experience of training fashion designers, fashion artwork designers, textile designers, accessories designers and footwear designers, we know which skills you need to learn. We understand the challenge and we realize how busy you already are. That's why is developed.  After this training you will be able to:

  • create collage's
  • moodboards
  • edit and retouche pictures
  • create and edit textile textures
  • remove backgrounds
  • resize pictures
  • create repeating all-over dessins and prepare them for Adobe Illustrator
  • paint by hand creating vivid handmade artworks
  • create denim treatment effects
  • create a transparant color editable bitmap for use in Illustrator

Level: No Photoshop experience needed, basic computer experience is a must!

Individual participants get a FREE 12 month membership on

  • 170 online (video) tutorials with exercise documents.
  • Online ticket support.
  • Free stitching libraries (unlimited license).
  • Free Illustrator add-ons to work MUCH faster (unlimited license).
  • Free Illustrator drawings and garment details (unlimited license).
  • Full access to to save, recycle and share your designed plaids and stripes.
  • Certificate of successfully completed training 

Training will be given at the HTNK office in Amsterdam.
Click here for more information

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